Vatican Stem Cell Conference – T-1 day

First, Id like to warn everyone that this post will be typed entirely without the use of apostrophes since Im unable to find that particular character in this carazy Italian keyboard.  If thats the kind of thing that bothers you greatly, please stop reading immediately.

Ok now that thats (note no apostrophe) over with…  THIS CONFERENCE IS AMAZING!  The content may be a little thick to update daily here, and given the short amount of time I want to spend sitting in front of a comptuer while in Italy, I think Ill save all of the content for later posts and just show you what all weve been doing while here.

For those who dont know, when I first learned that I was invited to this conference, I started a novena to St. Josemaria Escriva in order to raise the funds to come to Rome for this conference.  Through his intercession, I was able to raise sufficient funds so my first stop was to go to his tomb at the Opus Dei prelature and pray at his tomb.  While the outside of the building is very nondescript, the church they built within it is absolutely beautiful.

The outside of the non descript Opus Dei Prelature HQ. Note the shady albino monk hiding behind the tree there...

The chapel in the Opus Dei HQ where St. Josemaria is interred under the altar.

So that was my first stop upon my arrival.  Ive had trouble finding time to use the computer so perhaps more updates will have to wait until later. But be assured, there is plenty to tell you about!  Until then…

About John C. Reneau

After completing my undergraduate studies in biochemistry at the University of Dallas (no, not the University of Texas at Dallas), I decided that I would just love being in school for the rest of my life in order to avoid entering the real world. As a result, I ended up as an MD/PhD student at Texas A&M Health Science Center; I’m currently frantically trying to wrap up my PhD and continue on with my clinical training. I work in a lab that uses bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells to treat various diseases. View all posts by John C. Reneau

2 responses to “Vatican Stem Cell Conference – T-1 day

  • liz

    Hello! I clicked on the link to your blog after you left the comment on my Texas post and was surprised to find a Catholic blog and a post about Josemaria!! I’ve been to Rome three times and had no idea St. Josemaria was entombed in Rome until the last time I was there because my friend was involved with Opus Dei.

    Hard to belief such a non-descript building holds a beautiful chapel and the body of a saint!! Hope you had a blessed time in Rome!

    • John C. Reneau

      Glad you dropped by! I noticed that someone had made it over to my blog from a google image search for “st josemaria tomb” so I went to check out what else came up for that and ran across your blog – it looks like you had fun in Hungary!

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