Dominican Bishop Speaks about Euthanasia

Dominican Bishop of Parramatta, Austrialia Anthony Fisher was recently interviewed on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation concerning the movement in the country to legalize voluntary euthanasia.  The first thing I noted was the assumption of the interviewer that euthanasia is a “right.”  It seems to have been a “right” that has suddenly appeared out of thin air over the past 30 years, seemingly contrary to the very nature of true rights. In any case, the good bishop did a great job responding to the questions.  I must admit, however, that it would have been pretty awesome to have him lay the smack down concerning the last question about excommunications!


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3 responses to “Dominican Bishop Speaks about Euthanasia

  • nick

    i love how he keeps his cool and answers from his heart & mind, formed in clearly in Christ, versus the passion & accusations of the reporter, which he eventually turns to reading off of the page. This is a good shepherd. Thanks for sharing John.

  • Takai

    So his argument is basically that she has to prolong her suffering because those around her might still want her around.

    • John C. Reneau

      No. I think the closest he got to any argument similar to that is when he argued that the effects of euthanasia extend beyond the person requesting it – family, friends, society, the law, etc. I never heard him say anything akin to prolonging suffering because those close to the suffering want them around.

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